Dear sir/madame,


Sales of Beauve phase 1 are booming, which is great news. 90% of the houses have already been sold, meaning that one of the suspensive conditions has once again been fulfilled.

Which condition are we still waiting on?
Once all the conditions have been met, buyers will receive the so-called 'Hoerabrief'. From that point on construction are given the green light to start building the houses. Before we can send out this letter, however, we are required to get a water permit (Art. 27 building contract). We expect to get this permit around the end of November.
When we obtain the water permit on time, it's all systems go, and we can send out the 'Hoerabrief'.

When a mortgage is needed, please make sure that all documents are at the notary in time for them to finalize the transfer and mortgage deeds.

Please note!
Will you be financing your home by using your own funds that come - either partly or entirely - from abroad? If so, the notary is required under the Wwft (Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act) to look into the origin of these funds. For this purpose, the notary will conduct an investigation and request information and documentation. Various statements are needed to be signed. This type of investigation will take some time. It is in the interest of all buyers to cooperate fully with any investigations; otherwise transfer may be delayed - or not take place at all. We request that you take the above into consideration and ensure that you are readily available and promptly sign any documents that are requested.

Kind regards, 

Sales Team Beauve 

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