Dear sir/madame,

Congratulations! The construction of your home in Beauve Phase 1 is officially commencing. All conditions specified in the construction agreement have been fulfilled.


What does this mean for you?

1. Prepare for Notary Visit:
If you require a (partial) mortgage, kindly send the mortgage documents to the notary through your bank or advisor as soon as possible. If you are using personal funds, please contact the notary directly to arrange the signing of the deed of delivery.


2. Notary Visit:
With the construction now confirmed, you will soon visit the notary. Project notary Notariskantoor Brummelhuis will handle the legal transfer of your property and will contact you to schedule your appointment for signing the deed of delivery and, if applicable, the mortgage deed.


3. Invoices and Interest
The currency date (the date when the land becomes interest-bearing) is adjusted from December 1, 2023, as per Article 4 of the purchase agreement, to January 1, 2024, in your favor. Starting from this date, you are liable for interest on due invoices from your purchase and/or construction agreement. The (outstanding) invoices will be settled during the notary deed(s) passage. Future invoices for construction milestones will be paid from the construction deposit after the notary deed(s) passage.


4. Commencement of Construction:
It is anticipated that contractor Trebbe Wonen B.V. will commence construction around April 2024. Until then, the contractor will be busy with all preparations, including ordering foundation elements and floor slabs. The buyer's guide from Trebbe Wonen B.V. will provide further information during the construction period.


Finally, a practical point: if you reside (temporarily) elsewhere before the completion of your new home, remember to update your address details in your account and inform the contractor.


During the construction period, you and the contractor will be invited to a celebratory gathering to meet your future neighbors. We will then raise a glass together to a smooth construction process!


Best regards,

Sales Team Beauve 

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